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AkshayYoga is a complete method merging Functional Anatomy, Bio-Mechanics, and Alignment Principles with Yoga. Rooted in the wisdom of knowledge, AkshayYoga in its methodology is concise, logical, and cohesive. Drawing upon the Eight Limbs of Yoga, AkshayYoga forms a framework for yoga practice and transformation. Through organic movement, breath, and concentration a strong foundation is developed for all physical, mental, and spiritual endeavors.

Tom Machado

Tom Machado E-RYT 500

With an original voice and natural ability, Tom's teaching centers on imparting to each individual a clear, thorough understanding of the principles and wisdom of Yoga and its direct application to daily life. Tom masterfully integrates accuracy with accessibility, depth with clarity, and intellectual integrity with inspiration.


Class & Workshop Schedule

Yoga Immersion Weekend
New Orleans, LA
November 2016
more info : tom@akshayyoga.net

Yoga Immersion - Ease Mountain Yoga Co-op
Ben Lomond, CA
Saturday December 10, 2016
more info : tom@akshayyoga.net

Yoga Immersion Weekend
Palm City, FL
February 2017
more info : tom@akshayyoga.net


Tom Machado E-RYT 500
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RYS 200 Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School

"The future stands firm but we move in infinite space."

~Rainer Maria Rilke